MUMO calls for improved housing

Housing distress is a real issue for many of the families we work with.

A Housing Executive report presented to a Belfast City Council committee in early August 2021 indicated that 27% of Belfast’s residents live in social homes. In response to a Freedom of Information request from PPR, it was revealed that at least 11,781 Belfast households were on the waiting list for a social home at the end of March 2021 and at least 8,689 of them were living in housing stress.

MUMO has continued its advocacy role with a blog for PPR on our experience of housing distress in west Belfast, arguing that adequate housing is a basic human right which allows people to build better lives and gain greater independence.

The blog is available here:

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Two MUMO volunteers attended the Transformative Leader Programme in spring 2021. One of the outcomes was that Belfast City Council was able to  fund workshops