You, Me and Tea

MUMO participants enjoyed a tea foraging walk in Botanic Gardens this morning. They learnt about edible plants, herbs and all nature’s bounties which can be found in the park. 

The workshop kicked off a project MUMO will be running in partnership with ArtsEkta – You, Me and Tea. Participants will enjoy walks, trips, workshops, storytelling, looking at the history of tea on the island, connections with China and India and social connections (e.g. the journey of tea coming through the docks). Participants will run a tea emporium during Belfast Mela 2021 (restrictions permitting) to conclude the project.

We’re looking forward to current restrictions being lifted so that we can get started!

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Moving on from Division

Two MUMO volunteers attended the Transformative Leader Programme in spring 2021. One of the outcomes was that Belfast City Council was able to  fund workshops