Forthspring Inter Community Group


This is MUMO’s most recent evaluation  report, covering work carried out between January and June 2020.

Y5 Mid-Year Eval Sept 20 v2 (002)

In July 2020, the Education Minister appointed a panel to examine the links between educational underachievement and social disadvantage.

The panel invited written submissions from all interested parties with experience of the issues associated with educational underachievement linked to socio-economic disadvantage.

MUMO submitted this response, informed by working with two local schools over a five year period to support children and families in an area of disadvantage.


Since inception, MUMO has carried out in-depth, external evaluations of its work, drilling down into impact and outcomes. MUMO’s external evaluator is Jane Turnbull who has been involved with the project since the beginning.

This is the report from the end of 2019.


Forthspring is currently working on a new strategy. 

This is the last strategy which was developed over a three month visioning and planning process in early 2016 which involved board members, staff and users working together to create a clear and sustainable 5-year map for the organisation. With external support from the Interaction Institute for Social
Change (IISC), we consulted with individuals, groups and other organisations about the potential future direction and work of Forthspring. We spent time thinking and working together to imagine what the future we want looks like and charting ways to get there. The results of this work are presented here. 



Forthspring welcomes the publication of the ‘Building Safer, Shared and Confident Communities’ and the debate it has encouraged on developing an agreed, effective community safety strategy.


Forthspring welcomed the work of the Consultative Group on the Past. We
strongly support the view that there is a need for society to address the issues relating to the conflict in and about Northern Ireland and the issues that gave
rise to the conflict in order to build a more peaceful future. Read our response:



Forthspring welcomes the opportunity to contribute to Belfast City Council’s consultation on Phase 11 of the Belfast Peace and Reconciliation Action Plan 2011-2013. Forthspring acknowledges the value and importance peace funding from Europe has had in helping Northern Irish society move towards a sustainable peace. As this is the last tranche of Peace funding, it is vital that it contributes and is utilised to achieve a sustainable peace in Northern Ireland. 


Parading is a major concern for both the communities Forthspring engages with. The annual Whiterock Parade raises tensions in the area and on occasions has given rise to major civil disorder. Any mechanism that offered as a resolution to the parading issues would inevitably benefit community relations locally.