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Book launch

MUMO was delighted to launch a new publication on International Women’s Day – 8th March 2022 – A Little Taste of MUMO. The publication contains recipes written by participants and staff, a quote from every participant and information about MUMO’s activities over the first five and a half years. It is a record of the programme’s work over the past five and a half years. Adult and child participants wrote postcards which were displayed at the event about the impact MUMO has had on them. Some postcards read:

‘MUMO has changed my life. Its opened doors I thought I would never have access to and made me a more confident person. Its helped me and my family learn and grow together. Its been a lifeline when I needed it and I’ve made many new friends. MUMO is a safe and friendly environment and I would HIGHLY recommend it to others…. Myself and my children love being a part of the MUMO team…’

‘MUMO has been great for me and my family. I am able to socialise and have more confidence than I ever did. MUMO is amazing for keeping my mental health on track with the various programmes and activities’.

At the launch, participants Christine Tumelty, Abbie Quinn and Sophia May Whelan spoke positively about their time with MUMO, talking about different activities they’ve done and the impact of being involved with MUMO. The principals from Springfield Primary School and St. Clare’s Primary School gave reflective, insightful speeches on their relationships with MUMO. Springfield Primary School principal, Steven Osborne, commented ‘MUMO get things right, they get relationships right, they get trust right…if we did not have MUMO, it would be a lesser experience for our children’. The Forthspring project director launched the publication and MUMO children handed out copies to everyone at the launch.

MUMO received further funding from the National Lottery in July 2021 and is now in its seventh year of operation.

The publication is available here:



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