Candles in a tea cup

MUMO’s partnership with ArtsEkta continues. Participants made these beautiful soy candles in tea cups and really enjoyed the activity. They also wrote lovely verses about what tea means to them. The project will continue with online activities until current restrictions are eased.

This project will explore:

  • The origins of tea
  • Connections with India and China
  • The history of how and when tea arrived in Northern Ireland
  • The story of tea suppliers – both past and present
  • Social connections – such as stories of Belfast dockers and tearooms

More News

Moving on from Division

Two MUMO volunteers attended the Transformative Leader Programme in spring 2021. One of the outcomes was that Belfast City Council was able to  fund workshops

MUMO is a ‘ground breaking project’

MUMO had an article in the Belfast Telegraph on 26th October 2022 talking about the Sliding In programme. Springfield Primary School’s children’s support worker Naomi