Forthspring Inter Community Group

Christmas song

On the 9th of December the P6 children from St Clare’s and Springfield Primary Schools took part in the Christmas Pudding Challenge! Of course, only extraordinary children could manage to learn, and remotely record a brand new song in under two hours, and so of course, that’s precisely what they did.

Thanks from MUMO to all the participants, to the four teachers and to the wonderful facilitator Anne McCambridge.

More News

A new direction for Forthspring

Forthspring has appointed Dr. Kate Laverty as its new director.  She will provide leadership to the youth services, family support, after-school childcare, women’s groups, pensioners

Building purchase

Forthspring Inter Community Group is delighted to have been awarded £168,000 towards purchasing the building from the Community Ownership Fund based within the Department for

Scores on the door

We got a 5 for our Score on the Door (highest score) – we were absolutely delighted. This gives us confidence that our building is