Forthspring Inter Community Group

Forthspring annual report

Forthspring is very pleased to launch its report for 2021-2022. This includes details of activities over the past year – from the organisation with detailed reports of all the programmes.file:///C:/Users/HeatherFloyd/Forthspring%20Inter%20Community%20Group/TeamLeaders%20-%20Documents/Annual%20reports/2021-2022_final/Annual%20report21-22_final.pdf

More News

A new direction for Forthspring

Forthspring has appointed Dr. Kate Laverty as its new director.  She will provide leadership to the youth services, family support, after-school childcare, women’s groups, pensioners

Building purchase

Forthspring Inter Community Group is delighted to have been awarded £168,000 towards purchasing the building from the Community Ownership Fund based within the Department for

Scores on the door

We got a 5 for our Score on the Door (highest score) – we were absolutely delighted. This gives us confidence that our building is