Forthspring Inter Community Group

Gardening Group

Forthspring has a beautiful community garden at the back of the building. The garden creates space for nature which encourages biodiversity in a dense urban area. The garden is a fantastic resource for all the projects within Forthspring and for the local community.

Gardening has many benefits including enhanced well-being, improved dexterity, reduced symptoms of anxiety and depression, and improved relaxation and satisfaction. It also provides social entertainment for those gardening in groups.

The garden is managed by a group of committed staff and volunteers who look after this important resource. This group consists of staff and volunteers from the local community, Participation and the Practice of Rights (PPR) and Grow.

With a little bit of investment, the Forthspring garden has become an important outdoor resource for the Clonard/Woodvale areas, playing an important role in local biodiversity, increasing habitats for local species. The gardener’s group is key to this process.

It gives these children regular access to outdoor space. Through this access, they have learnt to understand, enjoy and value the garden and learning outdoors.