Staff changes

There have been a lot of staff changes over the last year at Forthspring. Three long term members of staff have left:

Project director: Chris O’Halloran

Financial administrator: Frances Finnegan

Play assistant: Rachel Hughes

Chris and Frances retired, having come to the end of working lives making important contributions to the voluntary and community sector. Rachel took up a childcare position with another child care provider.

Chris and Frances contributed to the growth and development of Forthspring. Both made an enormous contribution to sound governance of the organisation. Chris oversaw the delivery and development of a wide range of projects including the Five Decades project, MUMO and Youth Matters. He ensured sufficient funding was in place to allow the organisation to function and develop. Frances managed numerous funding streams, prepared the accounts for the annual audit and insured all compliance requirements were met. Rachel was part of the Springers team providing quality child care to local children.

We wish Chris, Frances and Rachel all the very best in their post Forthspring lives and thank them for their major contributions to Forthspring.

We welcome Eddie Wallace as the new project director. 

Eddie brings a wealth of experience to the post of project director. He has 20+ years experience in the voluntary and community sector working in organisations such as the Children’s Law Centre, Northern Ireland Youth Forum, Youth Action Northern Ireland, Youthlink NI, Cancer Fund for Children and VOYPIC (Voice of Young People in Care).  Eddie previously worked as a youth worker in Forthspring in 2004 and has returned to Forthspring after 13 years with lots of ideas for exciting developments.


More News

Moving on from Division

Two MUMO volunteers attended the Transformative Leader Programme in spring 2021. One of the outcomes was that Belfast City Council was able to  fund workshops