Forthspring Inter Community Group

Youth Matters

The Youth Matters Project is a cross-community youth project which engages with Young People aged 8 to 18 via a range of centre-based activities, group work and detached provision. We are funded by BBC Children in Need, Tudor Trust, and the Central Good Relations Fund.

Our staff passionately believe in empowering Young People to reach their potential and become champions for change within their community. Our services are needs-based to ensure that every aspect of our work is relevant and beneficial to the Young People we engage with. We offer flexibility in our approach so we can tailor our services to ensure we are offering meaningful and positive opportunities for each young person.

Our key themes of work are:

Building Meaningful Relationships

Forthspring Youth MattersWe strive to ensure that our centre is a safe, welcoming and inclusive place for every Young Person who walks through our doors. By encouraging Young People to develop a better understanding of others, we aim to help them develop meaningful and lasting relationships built on a strong foundation of mutual respect and appreciation of cultural and personal differences.

Supporting Mental Health & Well-being

We recognise that mental health is an increasing area for concern for many young people. We believe in a holistic approach to this theme and we strive to support each young person through one to one mentoring, focused group work, activities and a range of programmes. We encourage open and honest conversation, and are always happy to link Young People with wider support services if needed.

Meeting Needs & Exploring Themes

At the Youth Matters Project we use a range of programmes and activities to not only raise awareness and explore issues which impact Young People’s everyday lives, but also to help Young People make informed and positive decisions about their lives. We take this collaborative and informal approach because we value Young Peoples lived experiences and want to work with them to help ensure that the decisions they make are not only the most beneficial for them, but are ones which take each Young Persons priorities, values and goals for the future into account.

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